Plausibility of the Original Position: Rationality and Risk Aversion

In his book, A Theory of Justice, John Rawls develops a conception of a just society. He uses philosophical tools to illustrate a just ordering of society and what, if any, combination of institutions would constitute justice. The foundational philosophical tool that Rawls uses is his version of the Original Position (OP). The OP allows […]

The “Same Shop, Same Maker” Critique of the BIV Argument

The Brain-In-A-Vat argument (biv), which can be traced back to Descartes as the Evil Demon Argument, is a skeptical argument which says that you don’t know that you have hands. The biv argument seeks to disprove all elements of the material world, with hands being the most basic example. The Evil Demon Argument seeks to […]

Book Wars

As a college student in 2020, there are some hard truths you have to deal with. Everything is expensive (price), everything is cheap (quality), you may not gain any competitive edge over most peers, and ultimately, you (or often your future-self or parents) are seen as merely dollar signs by the institutions that be. Must […]

When BitCoin Goes Bust

*If you were thinking and breathing in 2017/18 you probably heard of BitCoin**. The illusive cryptocurrency is shrouded in mystery for any number of lay people, but with a whispering promise of a future paved in gold for anyone who invests. Not quite. BitCoin is at its core just another form of money. Let’s talk […]

The Abdication of Tradition

Being a very discombobulated man in Milwaukee, Christopher Sholes was strange. He often wore trousers inches too short for his legs. Working on and off in print journalism throughout his life, with some time away after accepting a position as Collector of the Port of Milwaukee to which he was appointed to by Abraham Lincoln, […]

Technology: and the fall of the gerontocracy

It’s easy to sit back in ones rocking chair, knitting needles in hand, with the radio blasting in the background while viciously condemning the technology of the new age. A familiar and vivid image for some, completely unfounded for others. For years the gerontocracy has been sounding the alarm of the effects new technology has […]

Bahá’í Beliefs

Over the past few weeks, I have been reading about the Bahá’í Faith. I find it to be a very compelling religion due to the core messages of the Faith and the principals taught by its leaders. I look forward to learning much more about it. The following is a brief summation of everything I have learned […]

Un Chien Andalou

Recently I have been reading about “les années folles” also known as the Golden Years. It refers mostly to 1920’s France and the rise of the Modernism, Surrealism, and Cubism as well as an increase of nihilism and a general return to the principals of the enlightenment.  art movement and the avant-garde. The modernist movement never […]

Justice: A Radical, Prophetic Call to the Academy and the Pew

The loud voice of a spirit led, Jamaican raised professor filled the small auditorium this evening as Dr. Pedrito Maynard-Reid gave an invigorating and lively call to academia (WWU specifically) and the Pew (the Adventist Church primarily). Dr. Maynard-Reid hearkened back to the old days of the Adventist church and called upon strong messages of […]

Anchor – Radio, reinvented

I have recently come across a media production/consumption app called Anchor. The app can be explained beautifully by the tagline of the application, “Anchor – Radio, reinvented”. Anchor provides a platform for people to record their own voice or the sound around them and upload it to their channel. This creates an environment much like Twitter, […]